Koala Kloud Travel Inflatable Footrest FAQ



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The Koala Kloud footrest is specifically designed to be used to elevate one's feet and legs while seated. While it can be used as a makeshift pillow during travel it is not recommended.

When fully inflated the Koala Kloud footrest measures to be 12" wide x 17" deep x 18" tall. 

Both the Koala Kloud standard footrest and the Koala Kloud 3X footrest are the same height and width. The major difference with the Koala Kloud 3X is having the option to adjust between three different heights by simply inflating the footrest to your desired level. 

Yes! Koala Kloud not only works well for airplane flights and car rides but can also make a great and easily storable solution for RV's, train rides, and more. Keep in mind Koala Kloud works best in between tighter spaces.

The Koala Kloud inflatable footrest works best in between tighter spaces on aircraft as to prevent wobbling during travel but can also work well in economy plus & business class. 

Yes! The Koala Kloud inflatable footrest is designed for both children and adults. Kids can kick their feet up and relax while adults can elevate their legs from the floor to relieve lower back pain during travel.

Along with being 24-hour tested prior to shipment, each Koala Kloud inflatable footrest is designed with our unique, double-proof valve that significantly reduces the time and effort for both inflation and deflation. 

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