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Koala Kloud Footrest Product Reviews

"Perfect for parents and young kids!


We just took a 5 hr flight from LAX to Honolulu w/our 2.5

I stumbled upon this type of product on a travel parent's blog site but decided to get the Koala Kloud brand instead after reading reviews from other brands.


We just took a 5 hr flight from LAX to Honolulu w/our 2.5yr old who is quite tall for her age. This was our first flight where she got her own seat so the whole cushion thing was experimental for us. Needless to say, the Koala Kloud held up to the expectations and was a useful tool to have in our backpack when it came time to nap on the plane!"


- Jess


"2.5 year-old slept for 7 hours thanks to Koala Kloud!


This is an awesome product, I had been considering jetkids bedbox but am so glad I got this instead. High quality and very discreet. Kiddo slept best ever has on a plane thanks to this!! Great price point too! Don't hesitate!!"




"Must buy! What an….


awesome thing to have on the plane! I just traveled from New Orleans to Frankfurt back and forth, 9-11 hour flights each way. My 3 year old could sleep and play well with this thing. Super easy to inflate and deflate. Even when the little one wasn't on it because she decided to sleep on me instead, it was a nice footrest over to her side for me as well. I will definitely get another one!"


- Lilly



"Comfortable and easy to use!


I was skeptical on this purchase but glad I did! It was pretty easy to blow up and easily deflated. My son slept through by laying flat on his back, I too can put my feet on the part of the footrest. Highly recommend this item for infants/kids."





"Must have for a toddler!


We use this for our 13-month-old. We fly frequently and this turns her seat into a miniature bed! It fits snug in between the seats and it takes about 3 minutes to inflate by mouth. Overall, we are very happy because our daughter sleeps much better with this on long flights!"


Amazon Customer




"Overnight flight with two kids became manageable!


I flew from the East Coast to Europe and back on Norwegian Air with my two kids: 11 months and 4 years old, and this turned the trip into a pleasant one, despite an overnight flight and a very late return flight.


I had purchased a bare-bones seat (no checked bag or meal) for the baby, assigned seats for everyone, and two inflatable footrests, so I was with my kids in a row of 3 seats between an aisle and a window. I inflated the two footrests for the window and middle seats. This made for a big play platform from which the kids could not escape, and few toys fell. When it was time to rest, the oldest slept on the two seats and the baby on the two inflatable footrests on both flights, which made it much more relaxing for everyone, including other passengers.


One of the flight attendants actually asked me for the name of these because she thought they were great, has young children, and was planning a trip with them."






"Adjustable & comfortable for a fraction of the price!


So after trying numerous foot/leg rests on Amazon I finally stumbled upon this. Long story short it fulfilled all the needs I was looking for. The size is perfect which means fellas you don't have to squeeze your boys in order to give your legs a rest. You can flip it 3 different ways to achieve your desired height plus its an inflatable so you can control the firmness. It's light and portable and I guess it can serve as a flotation device as well. Best value for the money! get a few just in case more people show up to your party than you expected. you can use them as chairs, yes it's even a damn chair, brilliant!"






"Koala Kloud is a godsend!


Used this on two long-haul flights to/from Australia, and couldn't have been happier. It allowed our 2.5-year-old to lay flat and actually sleep soundly. Can't recommend highly enough!"


Amazon Customer



"Amazing! Ordered two...


of these for our 11.5-hour flight and it worked perfectly for us. We sat in one of those rows with extra foot space and were able to fully spread out our legs, with the Koala Kloud pillow under our feet. What a great product! I never knew these existed. I always keep it in my car and I love using it in the passenger seat when someone else is driving. I flip it sideways and it’s the perfect height! Highly recommend!!!"