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outubro 18, 2019 2 min read

22 road trip travel tips for toddlers

More Americans are taking road trips than ever before!


It's no doubt that taking your family on the road trip around the USA (or even abroad) will be one of the greatest family experiences of your life!


But...we can also tell you that there is nothing worse than getting the car all packed up, hitting the road, and then HOURS LATER remembering you forgot something super important at home.


Not to fear!


Simply follow these 22 quick and super-crucial family road trip travel tips and have the family road trip of your life!


Let's get to it!


#1 Clean you car before (and DURING) your trip.


#2 Have your vehicle inspected before you leave.


#3 Get off the highways & explore beautiful scenic routes.


#4 Preload your phone or iPad with entertainment options before leaving.


#5 Never leave without important documentation (license, insurance info., etc)


#6 Create a road tip playlist.


#7 Discover amazing road trip travel destinations at Roadtripppers.com.


#8 Eat and stay like a local every chance you get.


#9 Book ahead (even if that means months in advance).


#10 Keep some fresh water available in your car.


#11 Be prepared and pack a medical emergency kit in case anything happens.


#12 Pack an extra car battery. 


#13 Refillable water bottles


#14 Keep your daily essentials separate from the rest of luggage for easy access.


#15 Bring trash bags for accidental messes (that WILL happen btw).


#16 Bring $1 and $5 bills for non-electronic tolls.


#17 Pack healthy snacks for you and the kiddos as there are PLENTY of places to eat junk along the way.


#18 Pack a multi-outlet adapter in case you don't have enough outlets (like we do) to charge all of your devices.


#19 Stop every 2-3 hours for a bathroom break, food, or just a stretch.


#20 Bring a neck pillow! They're not just for airplanes.


#21 Take turns driving.


#22 Most important travel tip of all...STAY SAFE! 


Which tip was your favorite? 


Anything we missed?


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Koala Kloud
Koala Kloud

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Cancun Attractions
Cancun Attractions

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I read that Post and got it fine and informative.
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