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November 08, 2019 3 min read

As Amazon Sellers ourselves we have gathered the Top 10 best-selling Amazon travel accessories for kids here in this article.


(NOTE: These product are not in any particular order.)


 #1. Koala Kloud Inflatable Airplane Footrest

koala kloud airplane travel accessory

Rating: 4.4

Description: Koala Kloud transforms the cramped space in between airplane seats into a comfortable pillow you can use to relax your legs or even lay down for a nap on the Red Eye. It's no wonder why Koala Kloud is one of the top-rated airplane travel accessories on Amazon!

Price: $19.95





 #2. ULEEKA Car Backseat Organizer

travel accessories for kids uleeka backseat organizer 

Rating: 4.7

Description: Keep your car clean and organized EVEN on long family road trip! 

ULEEKA backseat organizers keep you child's iPads, water bottles, toys, (and more) organized so you don't have to bring them in and out of the car every single time you go somewhere. 

Give your kids accesses to their important items while easing mommy's anxiety.

They're also easy super easy to install and have plenty of room!

Price: $21.99





#3. CozyPhone Kids Headphones

airplane travel accessories for kids cozyphones kids travel headphones

Rating: 3.9

Description: CozyPhones are a MUST HAVE airplane travel accessory for kids!

They are super cute AND super comfortable even for kids who HATE putting anything on their head!

Keeps your kids peacefully preoccupied on long flights and road trips.

Price: $15.97





#4. EarPlanes Children's Ear Plugs

travel accessories for kids earplanes children's ear plugs

Rating: 4.2

Description: Don't let your little bundle of joy cry in agony as your upcoming flight ascends into the clouds!

EarPlanes are the original travel ear plugs for kids.

Safe AND comfortable!

Price: $15.25





#5. ANREONER Silicone Travel Bottles travel accessories for kids silicone bottles

Rating: 4.5

Description:  Not only are these bottles super adorable but they're also super durable!

Keep all of your shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and other liquids safe, secure and leak-free on your next family adventure. 

Just be careful, your kids may try to steal them because they are so darn cute!

Price: $16.99






#6. Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

travel accessories for kids disposable toilet seat covers

Rating: 4.8

Description: Yes, we all know public toilets are disgusting. Make sure you do something about it on your next trip!

Disposable toilet seat covers keep your kids safe from nasty germs lurking on the surface of public toilets on airplanes, at rest stops, and anywhere else. 

Price: $12.97






#7. BCOZZY Kids Patented Travel Neck Pillow

travel accessories for kids bcozzy patented kids travel neck pillow


Rating: 4.2

Description: BCOZZY is a one-of-a-kind travel pillow that is not only great for kids but adults too! 

It' patented technology keeps both your neck AND chin fully relaxed and balanced on long trips. 

Price: $24.97





#8. Kids Travel Journal 

travel accessories for kids travel journal

Rating: 4.7

Description: Take a break from the iPad and have your child write their experience each day of your next family adventure.

You may be surprised to learn what THEY love most about the trip!

This travel journal is sure to make your next family trip even more memorable.

Price: $11.69





#9. BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket

travel accessories for kids bluehills travel blanket

Rating: 4.8

Description: Super comfortable, compact, lightweight, breathable, AND keeps you warm.

No wonder it's one of the top-rated travel accessories on Amazon!

Price: $26.95





#10. Toddler Travel Safety Harness

 travel accessories for kids airplane travel safety harness

Ratings: 4.3

Description: No need to lug your car seat around when you fly.

Your child's safety is the #1 priority which is why the toddler travel safety harness keeps your child safe & secure in their seat with minimal effort.

Oh, and it's comfortable!

Price: $19.97


Koala Kloud
Koala Kloud

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